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The Asphalt Gospel (2007, in process, feature-length)
Unscripted - A Soundtrack For Films Not Yet Imagined (2007, orchestral/electronica, 27 min.)
Visors Down (2007, full orchestra, 18 min.)
The Phantom Of The Plastic Playhouse (2006, strings and woodwinds, 3 min.)
When Lightning Strikes (2006, full orchestra, 5 min.)
Dark West (2006, full orchestra, choir and acoustic guitar, 11 min.)
Gold (2006, full orchestra, 3 min.)
The Bombardier (2005, full orchestra, 11 min.)
D[el]ay In Hell (2004, string orchestra, 3 min.)
Quit That Job! (2004, musical/solo voices, chorus and pit orchestra, 7 min.)
Another Trip To The Moon (2003, full orchestra, 30 min.)
Red’s Ride (2003, tom-toms, "Scream", 2 pianos, vibraphone, marimba, celesta and cello, 3 min.)
Music for Film (2003, full orchestra, 9 min.)
Open (1990, electronic film score, 27 min.)

Denouement (2004, concert band, 6 min.)
String Quartet No. 1 (2002/1990, 15 min.)
Domine Exaudi Vocem Meam (2002/1986, a capella choir, 6 min.)
Prelude No. 1 – "The Thaw" (1990, piano solo, 5 min.)
To Sylvia Plath (1989, flute, narrator and percussion, 4 min.)
Myriad I (1989, percussion trio, 7 min.)
Pertinax (1989, 2 flutes, 2 oboes, 2 horns in F, 8 solo voices and strings, 9.5 min.)
Sanctus (1988-89, 2 oboes and oboe/English horn, 5 min.)
Rapsodie (1987, guitar duo, 5 min.)
Nine Acrylics (1987, piano solo, 10 min.)
Psalm Cycle (1985-86), soprano and piano, 9 min.)
Nightstorm (1985, 2 pianos, 10 min.)

I Had The Craziest Dream (2004, big band + solo vocalist, 4 min.)
from Varttina: Seleniko
Lemmenosto (1994, string quintet, 3 min.)
Mika Muilla Mielessa (1994, string quartet, 4 min.)
Sulhassii (1994, string quartet, 3 min.)

Variation on a Theme of Chopin (1994, string quartet, 3 min.) – collaboration with Steven J. Manson

Completed One Year of Master's Degree program at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music (UC-CCM), Cincinnati, Ohio (8/89 – 6/90). Course of Study: Composition. Awarded: University Graduate Scholarship.

Bachelor of Music in Composition Degree received from the UC-CCM (8/84 – 6/89). Awarded: Full-tuition Scholarship for Junior/Senior years. Honors: Graduated Cum Laude.

Dr. Frederic Bianchi (1989-90)
Dr. Joel Hoffman (1987-89)
Mr. Allen Sapp (1987)
Dr. T. Scott "Doc" Huston (1985-89)

9/87 – 6/90: Wind Symphony, conductor Dr. Eugene Corporon. Performed on piano/celeste, recorded two compact discs (Hearts Music, released in 1990; Made In America, released in 1989).

9/84 – 6/87: Symphony Band, conductor Dr. Terence Milligan. Performed on F horn and piano.

Film Music Network (2005-current)
Independent Film Association of Southern Arizona, Board of Directors (2004-current)
Arizona Production Association (2003-current)
American Society of Composers, Authors & Publishers (ASCAP) (2002-current)
American Music Center (2002-current)
Sigma Alpha Iota Professional Music Fraternity for Women (1985-current)

Software: Music Creation & Production (Reason, Cubase, Pro Tools), Music Score Preparation (Sibelius, Pro Composer, Pro Performer, M), Programming Languages (C, BASIC), Sample Libraries (EastWest/Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra Gold), Video & Audio Production (Vegas)

Peripherals: MIDI & Recording Equipment (digital and analog synthesizers, sequencers/samplers, effects, mixers, audio/visual recording devices)

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