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Please note that all excerpts contained in this demo are copyrighted materials, with rights held by composer Kim Braun, or the filmmaker, or both. If you are interested in what you hear, please contact Kim Braun (aka "miK"). She has plenty more music locked away in that brain of hers and would be happy to discuss your project. She works well with deadlines and her rates are flexible. A more extensive demo is available on CD.

Excerpt from UNSCRIPTED, Scene 22
Excerpt from UNSCRIPTED, Scene 119
Excerpt from VISORS DOWN, Truth Discovered
Excerpt from DARK WEST, Cue 6b: Show Down
Excerpt from GOLD, Cue 3: "The Mother Load"
Excerpt from THE BOMBARDIER, Cue 5: "One Of Us"
Excerpt from ANOTHER TRIP TO THE MOON, Cue 2: "Impossible"
Excerpt from ANOTHER TRIP ..., Cue 3: Hangar Doors Open
Excerpt from RED'S RIDE
Excerpt from MUSIC FOR FILM, Cue 3: Battlements

Excerpt from UNSCRIPTED, Scene 99
Excerpt from UNSCRIPTED, Scene 51
Excerpt from UNSCRIPTED, Scene 3b


miK composes in Sibelius music notation software. Once the score is written, the score and parts can be printed to rehearse with live performers, if budgets and schedules allow for that level of production. Otherwise, miK exports the score into a MIDI file, which is then opened in Reason synthesizer software and realized by her in that program, with samples and effects assigned to each instrument in the score. The realization is then saved as WAV files, which are synced to the film using Vegas video and audio production software. The mix is finalized in Vegas as well, with minor adjustments made to audio levels to accommodate for dialogue as needed. The final mix has the capacity to sound like acoustic instruments, if desired.

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