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Kim Braun – or miK, as some know her – is a composer who writes music for film & television, concert music, electronic music, orchestrations, arrangements and songs. Her current focus is writing film scores.

“When it comes to writing for film, it is not about what I want musically, but what the director wants. I believe it’s important to set ego aside and be flexible. I enjoy the collaborative process of working with directors and producers.”

miK’s main writing style is avant garde, using harmonic and melodic dissonance to create tension, suspense and drama. Although classically trained, she has a passion for all types of music and has the ability to write in many styles, for almost any instrumentation.

“I enjoy listening to all music – including all kinds of rock, bluegrass, classical, jazz and world music – and believe that I can incorporate just about anything into my compositions.”

miK’s recent projects include “The Phantom Of The Plastic Playhouse” – a film made by the composer for inclusion in the 3-Minute Thriller contest of the Independent Film Association of Southern Arizona – and music for the films “Gold” (directed by Mike Rom), "Dark West" (directed by Jackie Lee James), and "Visors Down" (directed by Derek Griffith). She has also provided music for 2 films by director Timothy Gassen - "The Bombardier" and "Another Trip To The Moon."

"Kim Braun brings excellent composition skills and dramatic understanding to the table, but her cooperative spirit is just as impressive. The film's needs (and the director's vision) are her priority, and she understands that if the film is served then her goals as a composer will also be met. That's a quality to be cherished in any composer."

-Timothy Gassen, Director, "Another Trip To The Moon" and "The Bombardier."

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